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The fifth session of the international forum Kubuqi Desert volunteers recruitment!

If you:

1.Love the earth, like environmental protection, improve the human living space to think,;


2.The construction of ecological civilization, environmental protection, environmental protection industry look forward to close contact with large coffee;


3.I have never been to a great desert, I have never seen a camel.;


4.China's seventh largest desert in China, which wants to be "suspended in the top of the Beijing," is a close contact.;


5.Young, energetic, loving, responsible, not afraid of hardship;


6.Full of affinity, can let the participants from the world to your smile impressed; strain ability, can respond to the requirements from all over the world;


7.Fluent in English (English is the most basic, Russian, Mongolian is also welcome!)


We're looking for you.!!!


Come and sign up the fifth session of the international forum Kubuqi Desert volunteer recruitment.!

The inclusion can be:

1.Receive training in international professional etiquette;


2.Let's go to the seventh largest desert in China.;


3.And the world famous green coffee, business leaders to a contact with the closest distance (heard on a session of the forum, deputy prime minister have come and gone, oh, and UN deputy secretary general and won the Nobel Prize for literature, and so on, one is your idol!)


4.If you perform well, you can take home with the grand prize.!


5.There are also, pocket money can be earned yo!


WHO arewe

We are the Kubuqi Desert International Forum, the world's only focus on the prevention and control of desertification of the large international forum. Every two years we will have a time, and now it's the fifth time.


We are sponsored by UNEP and the UNCCD, the State Ministry of science and technology, forestry bureau and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government Forum held permanent Kubu, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia the desert Qixing Lake (what is? There is a lake in the desert? Still seven star lake? So you want to come and see?)


This year is held on 28-29 July, the theme is "desert ecological civilization and build the Silk Road", then, from around the world related VIP, experts, entrepreneurs, artists, and so on, Qixing Lake gathered together around the this topic is discussed in this paper. The presence of so many adults, we would have overwhelmed, so we need you!


Dear students, don't hesitate! Come and join us!

We in Kubujisha waiting for you!



Registration deadline:June 10, 2015


Registration phone:010-57370443,Li Qian


Requirements: fluent spoken English as long as you, or other professional languages (Mongolian) fluent spoken English can apply.